About Us 

 What a good smell and good taste of the day! Gimme Spice Box welcomes you to our website. We are a typical online store, just like any other store in the industry. But we are far special than others, we have the best quality Indian spices handpicked specially for online sale, packed and sealed with extra care and delivered right to your door step with freshness. 

Indian Spices are healthy and very popular around the world. Our store has all the leading Indian Spices. Indian Spices has its own value among all the masters in cookery. Buy our Indian Spices online directly from the farmers in India. Yes! You’ve heard it right, we import our spices from the land of India. We sell export quality spices like curry, pepper, nutmeg, ginger, turmeric, cardamom, masala, clove, tea, coffee and many, many more. We price our products in a very affordable manner and sell it in wholesale or bulk orders. 

Every spice store and most especially our company, represents a way of life which is quite old-fashioned when it comes to cooking in a natural way. Using all the fresh herbs and spices and not the instant seasoning. For this we can know that every food we cook is safe from any chemicals. Although we are new in this business, we ensure that we give all our time to evolve into what we are going to be in the future. Our philosophy is to provide you only the freshest and most high quality products.  

Order online and browse the list of our spices and prices in this site or if you’re in the area, it’s better to visit our spice store in Milwaukee. Also, you will have a chance to ask us personally about those spices displayed in our store.  

Thank you for reading our story! We are looking forward to having transactions with you!