What Is Rakija

If you have had a trip to any part of Southern, Eastern or Central Europe, then you probably heard the name Rakija mentioned in one of the places you visited.

Rakija is considered a national drink in several countries of Europe. This drink also appears often in cocktails served in North America.

Why it’s important

Now you must be asking yourself why this drink holds such great importance. Well, Rakija may look like your regular brandy but its more than what you imagine. The crystal clear drink is made through a passionate process of fermenting and distilling various kinds of fruits.


Unlike other wines or beer brands in the market, Rakija is made from several kinds of fruits, and each of them brings out the best taste. The fruits include raspberries, peach, apricot, cherries, plums, pears, or grapes.

The Rakija tradition

Every rural home or company has its own Rakija tradition with everybody thinking that they have the best.rakija lounge is one good place to experience the best quality and Rakija ritual.

You should also understand that every region has a specific climate that influences Rakija quality. The alcohol content lies between 40 to 60 percent for professional made Rakija. Homemade Rakija is stronger, and the content starts from 50 percent and can go as high as 90 percent. They only use ripe and mature fruits and adhere to fermenting and distillation hygiene.

The best time to take Rakija

There is no rule regarding when and how to take Rakija. All you need to do is to adhere to its rituals and traditions. Depending on your schedule, you can take this drink in the morning, during the day or in the evening. It is also taken on every occasion, including parties, weddings and normal days. Rakija is also served to guests in homesteads.

Serbian Rakija

There is a lot to know about this fantastic drink. The best way to understand it better is to have a taste. Why not visit European countries such as Serbia and see for yourself the tradition behind this iconic drink?