How Do I Create A Route On Map My Run

MapMyRun is a trending running app. It is increasingly becoming popular because it helps you achieve your workout goals. It lets you create and customize your running or biking route.

The app even tracks the mileage, live as you run. Many applaud this app for its capacity to keep a precise account of the distance a person can run.

It also calculates the distance you are remaining for the day or week. It is the perfect running companion, whether you are a pro or a beginner.


You will have an effortless time creating a route using the MapMyRun app. You can include numerous personalized features in your profile. You can track the number of calories, log your daily meals, or set your daily nutrition goals.

Whatever your preference is when it comes to routes and workouts, this is the app to go for. Visit this website and get an in-depth understanding of the app.

Steps to follow to create your route in MapMyRun

• Sign up – This step involves you visiting the MapMyRun website and filling in your details. It is at this stage when you are supposed to personalize your route and runs. You can only open an account using your computer. You can use the phone to monitor your runs, however.

• Create a route – This stage requires you to create a route. You should pick a starting point.


• Connect the dots – On the computer, you should start on the green point. Click on the red dots, and the computer will map out a route for you. You can create a loop that you will regularly be using.

• Complete mapping the route and then decide whether you want to use the path for running, walking, or biking.


The MapMyRun is a perfect app for anyone that wishes to have a running companion. The app will keep you on your toes, and it will be easy to achieve your goal because the semi-goals in the app are measurable.