The spicier Indian dishes that every spice enthusiast should try

Chicken Vindaloo

Pork Vindaloo is a specialty of Goa that carries Portuguese history in itself. Pork Vindaloo is one of the spiciest and hottest dishes you’ll ever have in Goa. It is traditionally made with hog flesh and heavily blended with vinegar, meat, pork fat, jaggery, spices, and Kashmiri chilies.

Curry, Phall

Phall Curry, which is also regarded as the spiciest curry in the world, is like eating fire for dinner. But why wouldn’t that be? The world’s hottest chili, the Bhut Jolokia, is blended into this spicy meal with tomatoes and fennel seeds. Every food enthusiast’s list of spicy Indian foods includes phall curry.

In Laal Maas

Laal Maas, a fiery mutton curry from Rajasthan, gets its intensely hot flavor from the smoky-flavored Rajasthani Mathania red chilies. The mutton in Laal Maas, which translates to “Red Meat,” is cooked with scorching Mathania chilies and potent raw spices. When visiting Rajasthan, every meat lover should at least once sample this dish, which is a favorite of Rajputana warriors.

Chettinad chicken

A traditional Tamilian dish called chicken Chettinad is renowned for its fire and flavor. This Chettinad specialty is a favorite among locals and will likely blow your taste senses away! Despite all the precautions we’ve just taken, folks still gorge themselves on this hot Indian food.

Chicken with Andhra chilies

The people of Andhra mean “chilli and chicken” when they say “chilli chicken.” Chilies are not only used to flavor the food but are also one of the main elements in this recipe. Just one bite of this will leave you dizzy from the flavor.

Chicken Saoji Curry

It is said that all varieties of chili powder and household spices are used to make this Nagpur specialty. Saoji Chicken Curry is a crazy mixture of every sauce known to humanity, which isn’t true because they have their unique Saoji masala. It would help if you had plenty of tissues or a napkin nearby when enjoying this spicy Indian dish, which is as hot as Nagpur’s summers.