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What can be intimidating to a lot of people is the many spices used in cooking Indian food. Indian food is delicious not only for the sense of sight but also in the sense smell, and taste. These are what make Indian food more delicious and fascinating. But for beginners like me, this cuisine can be daunting. Although there’s a long list of spices in Indian cuisine, it is easy to memorize the names and their uses. So, after reading all of the blogs about Indian food and spices, I never hesitated in buying Indian spices in their store. All I’m trying to say is that this site helped me explore Indian cuisine. Plus, the delivery is fast and hassle-free. 


This is my first time in an Indian spice house in Milwaukee. I went there last week looking for some herbal items and they had it there. Although, they offer only bulk orders, it was all fine as I was able to purchase everything for very low prices. I was so upset with myself for not going there first. And the staff was very helpful! I was impressed. 


Best Indian spice store around Wisconsin! Much better than other Indian Spice house I’ve ever seen. Buy as much spices as you like. The best service I love in the store is that every time you go to pay your stuff, they ask and ensure that you got everything you wanted! Best customer service ever and very reasonable prices. I will give you a two thumbs up! 


I just used your excellent Indian spice online site to restock my pantry with your masala and other spices and thought I’d take a minute to say thank you for making such wonderful products and providing quick delivery.  roulette222