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Thank you for considering Gimme Spice Box as your Indian spice store! We hope you’ve enjoyed shopping through our website. Gimme Spice Box is selling export quality Indian spices imported directly from one of the biggest farms in India in a very low price. We also hope you’ve found all the spices you’ve needed in your cooking. Remember that in cooking, you must use all the natural herbs and spices to make your food healthy, delicious and appetizing. 

To know more about our services and offers, you may send us an email through If you have any comments and concerns, please do so as we love to hear it from you. Kindly send all of your messages at We will give a response immediately. 

Again, we thank you for visiting our website! Please recognize us and come back again soon. We also want to see you in our physical store in Milwaukee, if you are in the area, please come and visit us. 
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