I was fortunate to have been given the chance to travel to India once. In this beautiful country in South Asia, you can see the majestic Taj Mahal and some more interesting temples and ruins that will really take you back in time and make you feel like you are in a different world altogether. And amidst these mysterious and interesting sights, you will be treated to exotic dishes that are distinctly Indian. I was able to join a food tour that took us to different local restaurants. Our guide let us try the best dishes in each restaurant. We also got to try food being sold in the streets. And I learned a lot about Indian customs and traditions when it comes to preparing, serving, and eating food. There are some Indian dishes that are best eaten using your hands to be able to maximize the flavors. But there is a proper way of eating with your hands which our guide demonstrated to us. You have to use your right hand when putting food inside your mouth and your left hand for drinking water. It was my first time to eat with my hands but I enjoyed it. The experience taught me a  new way of eating food. I also learned that Indian cuisine comes from different regions in the country – North, West, and East India. Each region offers their own specialty dishes based from recipes handed down from generations. North Indian Cuisine is known for their Awadhi, Bihari, Bhojpuri, Himachali, Kashmiri, Kumauni, Mughlai, Punjabi, and Rajasthani cuisines. West India’s best-known dishes are Amti, Bajri no rotlo, Barfi, Basundi, Bhakri, Bombil fry, Chaat, Chakri, Chevdo, Cholafali, Dahi Vada, Doodhpak, Dum aaloo, Pohe, Ghari, Gulab Jamun, Gur, Jalebi, Pav Bhaji, Vada Pav, and Maghaz. East Indian cuisine is known for Cheera Doi, Hurum, Khar, Malpua, Momo, Muri Naaru, Masor Tenga, Black Rice, Bilahi Maas, Brown Rice, Chhenagaja, Chingrri Malai, Curry, Dal, Goja, Kabiraji, Lai Haq Maas, Litti, Machher Jhol, Masor Koni, Masor Petu, Pakhala, Bhaji, Peda, Red Rice, Shukto, Shunga Pork, Tenga Doi, Shondesh, and Sabzi. Each region showcases sweet snacks, savory food, vegetarian dishes, rice meals, fish, and curry dishes. But one thing that is in common among all these cuisines is the rich flavor of their food that makes it distinctly Indian. The aroma itself will tease your appetite. The spices and herbs create a wonderful taste that will surely delight your senses. I can say that the food in India is equally unforgettable and mesmerizing as the wonderful sights in this beautiful country. I really feel that they should showcase their cuisine to the rest of the world because of its amazing flavors that you cannot find anywhere else. I am now learning how to cook Indian dishes using current sense resistors wiki. Good thing there is Gimme Spice Box where I can order my very own Indian spices for my kitchen. Now I can come close to creating an authentic Indian dish that I can serve in our dining table so that my family and friends can taste it too.