How Do I Create A Route On Map My Run

MapMyRun is a trending running app. It is increasingly becoming popular because it helps you achieve your workout goals. It lets you create and customize your running or biking route.

The app even tracks the mileage, live as you run. Many applaud this app for its capacity to keep a precise account of the distance a person can run.

It also calculates the distance you are remaining for the day or week. It is the perfect running companion, whether you are a pro or a beginner.


You will have an effortless time creating a route using the MapMyRun app. You can include numerous personalized features in your profile. You can track the number of calories, log your daily meals, or set your daily nutrition goals.

Whatever your preference is when it comes to routes and workouts, this is the app to go for. Visit this website and get an in-depth understanding of the app.

Steps to follow to create your route in MapMyRun

• Sign up – This step involves you visiting the MapMyRun website and filling in your details. It is at this stage when you are supposed to personalize your route and runs. You can only open an account using your computer. You can use the phone to monitor your runs, however.

• Create a route – This stage requires you to create a route. You should pick a starting point.


• Connect the dots – On the computer, you should start on the green point. Click on the red dots, and the computer will map out a route for you. You can create a loop that you will regularly be using.

• Complete mapping the route and then decide whether you want to use the path for running, walking, or biking.


The MapMyRun is a perfect app for anyone that wishes to have a running companion. The app will keep you on your toes, and it will be easy to achieve your goal because the semi-goals in the app are measurable.

Diversity is the first thing that comes to mind when you talk about the country of India

 A Beginners Guide to Indian Food 


Welcome to Gimme Spice Box website! Gimme Spice Box provides information and knowledge about Indian food and sells different kinds of Indian spices. You can order online and have it delivered to your home or you can visit our physical store located in Milwaukee — a small welcoming and vibrant shop with a touch of Indian modern design walled with fully furnished wood garage doors. Our store is unique among other stores because of the exceptional workmanship of A1 Garage Door Service Milwaukee, the most trusted garage door specialist in the country. 


If you are new to Indian food then let us help you understand it through these simple an basic steps that we are going to tackle in this blog. As we all know, there are several leading cuisines in the world and of these is the Indian cuisineu. If you are thinking that Indian food is difficult to cook, think again! It has a very easy to follow recipe guide that even beginners can understand easily because of the diversity. Every country, town, and even every home has its own original recipe that the variety can actually blow your mind!  


Continue reading as you will find some facts and guides that you need to know about Indian food. 


It’s a popular belief that Indian food is all about spices, curries, and oil. Today, I am telling you this belief is not true! Perhaps only Indian cuisine has many healthy and diverse vegetables and spices in the world. And if you think of Indian cuisine as just for vegetarians, you’re absolutely wrong! Indians know how to please the non-vegetarian palate.  


Unlike in other country, India considers cooking as a form of art and mothers teach their daughters from a fairly young age how to cook and pass down family recipes in a way of handing out knowledge and information and at the same time, showing the right things to do. In fact, food is a very serious matter when it comes to business, that’s how important the food in India is. From the history of this country up to the modern age, in most Indian homes even when women work outside the home, there should be at least someone who knows how to cook and prepare their meals, and the other one should plan what to cook next. Indian meals consists of several dishes, a dessert and a staple food  like rice or roti commonly know as chapati, a flat bread that is a staple in India and its subcontinents such as Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, to name just a few. 


In their history, various invaders have passed through India and left their marks behind on its cuisine. To name a few, there are influences of the Persian, British and Portuguese in Indian food. No wonder, the delicious food they have is the result of this cultural mix and make the other recipes legend! 


While you are interested in Indian food, you have to know first a little information about India. Diversity is the first thing that comes to mind when you talk about the country of India. A large country, its population is second to China. In its 28 states and 7 union territories, there are numerous languages, each has very unique traditions and the most important of all, it has its own delicious and original recipes. 


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